National Gallery of Art Acquires Works by Kerry James Marshall, Anne Truitt, and More


WASHINGTON, D.C.- The Collectors Committee of the National Gallery of Art recently made possible the acquisition of Great America (1994) by Kerry James Marshall (b. 1955)―the Gallery’s first painting by the midcareer African American artist―and Knight’s Heritage (1963), a breakthrough sculpture by Anne Truitt (1921–2004). A devoted student of the human figure and the history of art, especially the genres of portraiture and narrative, Marshall draws upon the experience of African Americans like himself to create imposing, contemporary history paintings. In Great America, he re-imagines a boat ride into the haunted tunnel of an amusement park as the Middle Passage of slaves from Africa to the New World. Truitt was committed to the expressive value of carefully chosen color and to the importance of compositional decisions regarding the division of the rectangle. Both are on full view