Nassau County Museum of Art Showcases “Metamorphosis” by Rona Pondick


Rona-Pondick-FoxSculptural work by Rona Pondick, fusing human and natural forms in provocative ways, are on
view in Metamorphosis: Rona Pondick, at Nassau County Museum of Art’s Contemporary Gallery through May 23, 2010 (the exhibition opened on March 13, 2010).

Rona Pondick blends traditional sculptural methods with the latest 3-D computer technology to produce powerful sculptural objects that morph human, animal and plant forms.

Combining steel cast human body parts with various members of the animal kingdom, Rona Pondick has been riffing on the art world’s fascination with physical transformation for over a decade. Her animal/human hybrid sculptures look like the monsters in my nightmares!