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Nan Goldin’s Fireleap Presented in the United Kingdom at Sprovieri Gallery in London

LONDON.- Sprovieri Gallery is hosting the UK presentation of Nan Goldin’s Fireleap as part of the inaugural exhibition at the new gallery space at 23 Heddon Street, London. Nan Goldin is known as an artist whose output is inextricably bound up with her own biography, and for breaking down the traditional barrier between the camera and what is being photographed. Her naturally lit images document her surrogate family of friends and lovers, and – more often than not – are frank confrontations with personal experience, and explorations of both intimacy and the alienation that can be wound up within it. Slideshows are Goldin’s preferred medium to work in. Fireleap is her latest slideshow, displaying images of children from 1978 until today, most of which have never been shown. Children, primarily for their state of freedom and natural innocence, fascinate Goldin. They make their own rules, living in a free