Naked Crowds in Public Spaces Photographer Spencer Tunick Hits Dead Sea Cash Drought


TEL AVIV (REUTERS).- Naked crowds in public places have made American photographer Spencer Tunick world famous, but his plan for an installation featuring hundreds of nude Israelis floating in the Dead Sea has hit money problems. His photographs of hundreds of naked men and women of “all religions, shapes and sizes” in locations such as the Sydney Opera House and Switzerland’s Aletsch Glacier have won critical acclaim and attracted fans worldwide. “It’s very insignificant money,” the artist told a Tel Aviv news conference. “But it’s the naked body in a public space,” he said, hinting at disapproval of his art in the Jewish state. Tunick and his eight assistants need $60,000 to pay the logistics costs of an installation and photo shoot in September or October at the lowest point on Earth, where the Dead Sea is drying up at the rate of one meter (three feet) a year. The artist, who is Jewish, has not yet decided what his Dead Sea installation will feature. He would like to show hi