Nailya Alexander Gallery Presents The Extra/Ordinary World of Pentti Sammallahti


NEW YORK, NY.- Nailya Alexander Gallery presents The Extra/Ordinary World of Pentti Sammallahti, one of Finland’s most internationally prominent photographers. The exhibition will run through March 10, 2011. This show is in conjunction with Pentti Sammallahti’s retrospective at The Finnish Museum of Photography in Helsinki (September 2010- February 2011). From early childhood Pentti Sammallahti (b. 1950) was drawn to photography. Growing up, he was surrounded by the works of his grandmother, Hildur Larsson (1882-1952), a Swedish-born photographer, who worked for the Helsinki newspaper Kaiku in the early 1900s. After visiting The Family of Man exhibition at Helsinki Art Hall (1961) Sammallahti made his first prints at age eleven. Pentti joined the Helsinki Camera Club in 1964. His first solo exhibition was in 1971. Sammallahti is a poet of his native Helsinki; a philosopher, who cherishes the nature an