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Nailya Alexander Gallery exhibits Alexey Titarenko ~ Saint Petersburg Photography

Alexey Titarenko - #14 Untitled (Store 59), 1995 - Photo: Courtesy Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York

NEW YORK, NY.- Nailya Alexander Gallery presents
“Alexey Titarenko: Saint Petersburg in Four Movements”, in her new space at 41 E
57th Street, Suite 704. This will be Alexey Titarenko’s first major exhibition
in New York that features his entire Saint Petersburg series
The four underlying sequences, or movements – to borrow a
term from the vocabulary of music, which features prominently in the artist’s
mind, are The City of Shadows, The Anonymous, The Light of Saint Petersburg and
Unfinished Time. Like music, the expression of time is a presence in Titarenko’s
art, associated with literature and, in particular, the works of Marcel Proust.
On view through 24 April, 2010.