Mysteries of Egypt Explored in Forthcoming Blockbuster Exhibition at the Herbert


COVENTRY.- Britain’s most family friendly museum will be welcoming a new type of mummy into its family next year when Secret Egypt opens at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum. From 11 February to the 5 June 2011, this brand new exhibition will adventure into and challenge the secrets and myths about ancient Egypt perpetuated by Hollywood and popular media. Secret Egypt will bring together over 200 objects from museums around the UK including a mummy from the 22nd dynasty on loan from the Manchester Museum. The mummy, called Perenbast, was discovered in 1909 in Qurna, Egypt and is a great example of the care and respect given during the preparations for passing into the eternal life. Egypt has always fascinated people and is the inspiration behind many books, films and TV shows. Such is its resonance in society that some of the most popular and commonly held beliefs