Museums Escape the Worst in Spending Review, will Only Face a 15 Percent Funding Cut


LONDON (REUTERS).- Museums breathed a sigh of relief after escaping the worst of the government spending cuts announced on Wednesday, but reductions in funding for other sectors of the arts were significantly higher. Chancellor George Osborne said museums would face a 15 percent funding cut over the next four years, and, crucially to the sector, free admission to museums and galleries would be preserved. Planned extensions to the Tate Gallery and British Museum in London were also safe. “The outcome of the Spending Review for national museums is better than we had feared and we would like to thank … Osborne for acknowledging that museums are a front line service for millions of people,” Tate said in a statement. “We particularly welcome the announcement that free admission to national museums will continue.” Michael Dixon, chairman of the National Museum Directors’ Conference, also recognized that the long-awaited announcement was better than some had feared, but added that a