Museum of Modern Art in Kuwait Presents an Exhibition of Enzo Manara Genesis: Informal Universe


KUWAIT.- Museum of Modern Art in Kuwait presents an exhibition of Italian artist Enzo Manara Genesis: Informal Universe. On view from 12th of April through 22th of April, 2011. Continuing the tradition of Italian art of 20th century, inspired by the scientific researches in astrophysics and anthropology Enzo Manara proposes his artistic vision and methodology to discover the point of Universe’s origin. Structured reflection about the colors and the intention to create a correct background for each artwork merges in color-field painting and hard-edge art. He chooses black as the color obtained by overlapping, as color of cosmic depth and absence of the light, red as energy of the pulsar stars and metallic parts signifies solar presence which was important to the origin for the life and survival, but also remind to the ancient practices with the gold in alchemy. The minimalism of perfect architectural forms bordered with supre