Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao Celebrates Roberto Matta’s Centennial with Exhibition


BILBAO.- The year 2011 marks the centenary of the birth of Matta, one of the most significant figures in twentieth-century art because of his importance as a member of the Surrealist group and his enormous influence on the development of American Abstract Expressionism, and above all because he was an absolute artist, a visionary and a precursor of the relationships of art, science and nature and the fundamental role of art in the complete development of the human being. He was born in Santiago (Chile) on 11 November 1911, to a well-to-do family of Basque origin. He received his primary education from the Jesuits at the Sacred Hearts College in Santiago. Later, at university, he studied in the School of Architecture. When he finished he travelled to Europe, where he met Le Corbusier and worked in his studio for several years. Between 1935 and 1937 he travelled all over Europe, living for a time in Madrid. Through his family he made contact with the world of art and culture ther