Museum of Fine Arts, Boston to Retain Ownership of Eglon van der Neer Painting


BOSTON, MA.- Research conducted by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), about the provenance, or history of ownership, of its painting Portrait of a Man and Woman in an Interior (1665–67) by Dutch artist Eglon van der Neer (1634–1703), has led to an agreement with the estate of German art dealer Walter Westfeld (1889–1945), enabling the MFA to retain ownership of the work. The Museum decided to reach a financial settlement for the painting with the estate after reviewing recent research conducted by Victoria Reed, the Museum’s Monica S. Sadler Curator for Provenance. This research has clarified few details about the path the work took between 1936, when it was last documented in Westfeld’s possession, and 1941, when it appeared on the New York art market. While the six-year, international