Museum of Fine Arts, Boston presents exhibition featuring newly conserved 17th century Tibetan paintings


BOSTON, MA.- The search for the utopian realm of Shambhala, also sometimes known as “Shangri-la,” has captured the imagination of people for thousands of years. Be it a state of mind or an actual place somewhere in Central Asia, this legendary kingdom is said to be ruled by a lineage of 32 mythological kings who are protectors of Tibetan Buddhist texts. A set of newly conserved 17th-century paintings representing 22 of these Shambhala kings provides the focal point of the MFA’s exhibition Seeking Shambhala, on view from March 6 to October 21 on the second floor of the Museum. Through these centuries-old scroll paintings and decorative objects, as well as contemporary works, the exhibition examines the spiritual journey to find “The Pure Land” where peace reigns,