Museu d’Art Contemporani in Barcelona Exhibition Asks: Are You Ready for TV?


BARCELONA.- The Museum brings together an exhibition of 145 “experiments” carried out for television by 150 artists and thinkers such as Andy Warhol, Bill Viola, LéviStrauss, Guy Debord, Richard Serra, Martha Rosler, Joan Jonas, Joseph Beuys, Albert Serra, Muntadas, John Berger, Robert Hughes and many others. Beginning of the 1980s. Joseph Beuys is not an artist but a rock star. He sings on a typical Saturday-night variety show: “From the country that destroys itself and dictates to us its ‘way of life’, Reagan comes bringing us weapons and death”, and the chorus responds: “But we want sun instead of rain”, which could well be interpreted as “We want sun, not Reagan”, in a play on words between Regen (rain, in German) and the surname of the fortieth President of the United States. A few meters away, Pier Paolo Pasolini’s sentence: “There is nothing more ferocious than television”, and at the same time the German ar