Museo Reina Sofía Presents Exhibition of Works by Artist Leon Golub

artwork: An artwork (R), entitled Interrogation III, from 1981, by US artist Leon Golub (1922-2004) is on display in a retrospective of the artist's most important works, at the Palacio de Velazquez in Madrid. The exhibition presented by Madrid's Museo Reina Sofia. Photo:  EPA/Angel Diaz

MADRID.- Museo Reina Sofía presents an exhibition of works by Leon Golub, on view from May 6 through September 12, 2011 in the Palacio de Velázquez. The art of Leon Golub (Chicago, 1922 – New York, 2004) challenges the dominant model of the development of art from the 1950’s onward. Oblivious to the media experimentation taking place in most artistic production during these decades, Golub’s work is based on a pictorial renovation in which genres believed to be exhausted, such as historical painting or portraits, once again show unexpected expressive and critical capacity.