Museo de Arte de Ponce Enters the Age of Video Art ~ Online

artwork: Stephanie Dodes - Still video, "Veiled Shadows" -  Courtesy of Museo de Arte de Ponce

PONCE, PR.- Museo de Arte de Ponce entered the age of video art with an exhibit titled 11 in 2011, comprised of 11 short videos by artists from Puerto Rico, the United States, Singapore, and Australia. The site is located at With 11 in 2011, the Museo de Arte de Ponce is expanding beyond its physical galleries and, in fact, beyond the need for visitors to actually visit the museum, while at the same time acting on a philosophy of creating new connections between art, the artist community, and the public in general. Dr Agustín Arteaga, director and CEO of Museo de Arte de Ponce notes that “the boom in the digital economy and in new technologies has changed the language of audiovisual communication, and consequently the language of the art video. The museum’s initiative in putting videos on exhibition on its webpage is a move toward opening spaces for discussion and dissemination of this remarkable, and thriving, genre in modern art.”