Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil in Mexico City Shows Siqueiros ~ Landscape Painter

artwork: David Alfaro Siqueiros -  illustration for Canto General de Pablo Neruda "En las Alturas de Machu Picchu, 1968" Color lithograph, 58.5 x 102.5 cm. Courtesy of Sala de Art Publico Siqueiros

A term Siqueiros used to refer to the sketches that would eventually become murals, “portable paintings”, are the works presented in this one-of-a-kind exhibition—consisting of approximately eighty paintings and drawings—that showcase the great muralist’s interest in, and profound study of, the elements that constitute a landscape; namely, open horizons, volcanic ranges, turgid forms, and even the first planes of telluric surfaces that are combined to render a complete emotional and dramatic experience. As with everything else in David Alfaro Siqueiros’ work, the landscape moves, vibrates, and its volumes become disproportionate in order to exalt the monumentality of the work.