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Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art Announces Final List of Participants

MOSCOW.- The Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Russia’s most prestigious contemporary art event, has finalized its selection of participants, now totalling 64 artists and 16 art groups from 33 countries. The title for the Biennale, “Rewriting Worlds”, proclaims that art is a sphere where new things are unceasingly generated, and contemporary artists rewrite the world as it exists around them by conveying new ideas and viewpoints in their artistic work. Peter Weibel believes that the exhibition’s main goal is “to demonstrate different levels of artistic thought — technological, political and psychological.” The main project will be located at two venues — the ARTPLAY Design Center, and the TSUM Art Foundation, both in central Moscow. There will also be 6 special guests, as well as 69 special projects and parallel programs at different venues. In addition, the Biennale expands