More than 100 New Photographs by Yossi Breger Exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art


TEL AVIV.- The exhibition comprises 159 photos, all new, in various formats, taken since 2007 in various places around the world—Tel Aviv, Berlin, Cologne, Havana, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Beijing, Stockholm—in the course of daily life. The photos of—landscapes, buildings, spaces, objects, people—are a manifestation of being in front of a thing, the fundamental things that form the infrastructure of human environment. Precise and thoughtful, they are articulated in classical formal language, both pictorial and emotional; their accumulation generates a general conceptual model of a story of life and of the world. A space time continuum composed of light exposes pinnacles of encounters, of physical contact, of seeing and understanding, of the object as such and of its relative position vis-à-vis other things. The direct, mundane gaze explores an event which