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Monumental New Drawing by Dawn Clements at The Boiler

BROOKLYN, NY.- Pierogi presents new work by Dawn Clements at The Boiler. Clements, whose panoramic drawing of a film interior is currently on view in the Whitney Biennial 2010, has taken on a monumental drawing at The Boiler that was not finished until the day of the opening. As is typical with Clements’ work, she did not know the final size of the drawing until it was completed. Her work usually develops in a serendipitous way—she responds to what she sees and doesn’t know the end point until she reaches it. She may begin working on a very modest scale but the work often ends up many times larger as she glues pieces of paper to the edges of the working drawing where she decides to continue drawing. The wrinkles and tears that develop as a result of her process are the record of a very active, performative drawing practice. These marks and