Monika Bartholomé, Arnulf Rainer, and Clemens Weiss Celebrated at Museum Kunst Palast


DUSSELDORF.- The title SPOT ON refers to a museum kunst palast exhibition series for which several project rooms are set up anew at six-month intervals. In line with the museum’s liveliness and openness the SPOT ON programme goes beyond being restricted to most recent art or individual genres, with the rooms accommodating presentations of selected work groups from the museum’s own collection. The project rooms also introduce and facilitate discussion of important new acquisitions, as well as featuring smaller exhibitions of artists who live in Düsseldorf or have a particular connection with the city. Monika Bartholomé engages with Japanese Nesuke figures by means of drawings and film clips. Starting point of this project was the artist’s fascination with the Nesuke collection held by museum kunst palast. These miniature carvings from the 18th and 19th century, which were used on kimono belts to fix s