Moderna Museet Malmo Presents Colombian Artist Doris Salcedo with "Plegaria Muda"


MALMO, SWEDEN.- Doris Salcedo is one of the foremost sculptors of our time and Moderna Museet Malmö presents her first solo exhibition in Scandinavia. She exhibits a completely new work, comprising 69 sculptural units. Under the title, Plegaria Muda, these individual units fill up the entire Turbine hall with an, at times elusive, at times penetrating presence. The exhibition is on view until September 4, 2011. The work of Doris Salcedo has engaged people all over the world. Like few other artists, she has succeeded in providing visual language to abstract feelings of traumatic loss and suppressed grief. A pair of shoes from a missing person, or ordinary household furniture – such as a chair, a table or a bed – have, by her hand, been transformed into alternative memorials, impregnated with emotions of painful absence, while encapsulating a traumatic loss of human life. In recent years, Doris Salcedo has been in