Mixing high and low art in PAFA’s Contemporary art exhibition Cynthia Norton: Freedom Rings Placed Within


PHILADELPHIA, PA.- – Continuing the Morris Gallery program, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts presents the exhibition Cynthia Norton: Freedom Rings Placed Within, on view March 3 – May 27. Cynthia Norton is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky. Influenced by the folk aesthetics and history of her surroundings, Norton’s work employs music, video, mixed media, and performance as her country-music alter ego Ninnie, in a manner that combines feminist thought with local and vernacular imagery inspired by the cultural traditions of the rural South and specifically of her native Kentucky. While often combining these different mediums, Norton uses the portrayal of the comedic country rube as a strategy to explore the peculiar relationships between folk traditions, readymade sculpture, storytelling, and technology. Her works often have a