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Miki Kratsman presents exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Musem of Castille and Leon

LEON.- The entire body of Miki Kratsman’s work (Argentina, 1959; Israeli citizen since 1971) is centred on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and it unfolds between the vicissitudes and circumstances of the daily life of the Palestinian people, shaped by displacement, constant siege, and the systematic occupation that they have undergone for more than sixty years. Kratsman’s photography shows before the public the consequences of a devastated reality—a destroyed territory of ravaged or abandoned buildings and desolate fields—behind which one recognizes a politics of control and isolation, violence and death. However, the artist does not resort to spectacle or exhibitionistic effects in his photography. It can be said that Kratsman does not exploit his themes or their subjects. On the contrary, he brings us before an inhospitable and deserted reality, confronting us with the “everyday banality” of another parallel reality that is negotiated between th