Mike Kelley’s last interview in Artillery magazine: "Now I’m not in the mood to make art"


LOS ANGELES, CA.- The late artist told Artillery magazine about his failed attempt to buy his childhood home; his years of therapy, and his art-world fatigue: “Now I’m not in the mood to make art” When Tulsa Kinney interviewed Mike Kelley for a cover story of Artillery, the bi-monthly magazine about contemporary art, it was because she believed the Los Angeles-based conceptual artist was creating his magnum opus. “Mobile Homeland,” an installation that recreates Kelley’s childhood home in Detroit, “is almost too fraught with psychology and dysfunction [ … ] things that could easily feel like an emotional burden,” Kinney wrote in the February/March issue of Artillery, which appeared with exclusive photographs of Kelley. (The magazine is sold on newsstands, Barnes and Noble bookstores, and is distributed free in art galleries in Los Angeles.) Kinney didn’t know that the article—featuring Kelley’s last interview—would offer insight into his apparent suicide on Tuesda