MFAH Kinder Foundation Gallery Presents Teach Me to See


HOUSTON, TX.- A child born today will see more images in a lifetime than the number of stars in the universe. But how do children learn the skills that will help them respond to the world around them with “thinking”—rather than “passive”—eyes? The Kinder Foundation Gallery exhibition Teach Me to See presents works of art created by students from Presbyterian School and from Small Steps Nurturing Center. Both schools participated in Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Storytime Tours, a program of tours for children in pre-kindergarten to 2nd grade. The students participated in six one-hour guided tours of the museum designed to foster close and careful looking at works of art and to support classroom learning. Describing the goals of the Storytime Tours program, Dr. Victoria Ramirez, W.T. and Louise J. Moran Education Director at the MFAH, said, “Our Storytime Tours program exemplifies the very best in bringing together early ch