Mexico City’s "El Caracol" Gallery of History Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary


MEXICO CITY.- With a photographic exhibition from the architect Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, a round table discussion and the publication of a commemorative leaflet, “El Caracol” Gallery of History will celebrate on November 26th 2010 its first 50 years of being one of the most visited precincts by youngsters. After the first month of its creation, the Gallery of History had already received 3,000 visitors, driven by the curiosity of knowing the proposal of an avant-garde museum that recounted Mexican history through models and dioramas conceived as theatrical elements that changed the museographic panorama at the time. Since then, the precinct also known as “El Caracol” Museum due to its architecture, is still one of the most visited spaces of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) Museums network, occupying the fourth place at the national level, just after the National Museum of Anthropol


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