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Metronom to Show Works by Bruno Cattani, Michele Buda and Enrico Moretti

MODENA.- SPEED_M is a series of exhibitions dedicated to Italian photographers, following one another in rapid succession within the spaces of METRONOM. In solo shows Bruno Cattani, Michele Buda and Enrico Moretti will be presenting a thematic selection of works. The exhibitions aim to be contemporary proposals for looking at photography through themes, techniques and subjectivity. The first show, Eros, features Bruno Cattani with a series of photographic works from a research project, which he has been pursuing for several years, dealing with exhibition places. Bruno Cattani’s work is not artistic documentation: his journey through museum spaces – places of time par excellence – becomes a way of looking at art works, at sculptures, with a private and biased eye. Cattani’s photographic eye leaves the works of art to speak, restricting himself to suggesting relationships and dialogues,