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Metro Pictures opens André Butzer’s Second New York Show

André Butzer - " Painting of Paul Cézanne" 2009 - Oil on canvas, 79 X 110 inches, 200.7 x 279.4 cm. Photo: Courtesy Metro Pictures.

NEW YORK, NY.- André Butzer’s second New York
at Metro Pictures “Nicht fürchten! Don´t be scared!” features a group of
closely related works that focus on the “formal event” of painting. By
emphasizing shapes and fields of color, these works possess a less
linear take
on the usual motifs in his work—colorful hybrids of abstraction and
figuration featuring a family of characters inspired by art history,
politics and animation
. Both sinister and amusing, these
compositions balance large, vaguely recognizable biomorphic forms within

chaotic, multicolored backgrounds or heavily textured monochromatic
fields. On
view through 1 May.