Mesmerizing Flora-Montages from Colombian Artist Mariana Vera at Frederico Sève Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Frederico Sève Gallery presents a series of mesmerizing flora-montages from Colombian artist Mariana Vera in this exciting debut exhibition. Working with the ephemera of the natural world, such as leaves, pines and petals on paper or canvas, Mariana’s work reconfigures natural artifacts into labyrinthine designs to create dynamic landscapes. This exhibit will be on view through April 23, 2011. Mariana Vera’s montages oscillate between pattern and chaos, nature and artifice, decay and preservation. Mariana, who considers herself a “recycler of nature,” works to “immortalize the perishable,” and in so doing, she at once displays fragility and permanence, reconfiguring the most delicate of objects into veritable statues. Collecting only from the ground, she offers her material a chance at immortality in the aesthetic object