Merseyside Maritime Museum’s Sailortown Project: Casting Light on Vanished World


LIVERPOOL.- People have been recalling their memories of Liverpool’s once-vibrant seafaring district in a study linked to Merseyside Maritime Museum displays. Historians, museum curators and film-makers are collaborating on the Mapping Memory of the Waterfront project. Many years ago all ports had a Sailortown where mariners relaxed, shopped and did business. Liverpool’s extended behind the docks and was finally swept away in the 1970s with the arrival of containerisation. For centuries ships spent several days in port while cargoes were loaded and unloaded. This gave crews the chance to visit their haunts ashore. Since the introduction of roll-on / roll-off, vessels spend less time in port and the ship’s company are unlikely to go ashore. Much of Liverpool’s seafaring areas were clustered around the city centre,