Meeting Points: Ronit Agassi, Gary Goldstein at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art


TEL AVIV.- The exhibition “Meeting Points,” which links together in one space the works of Ronit Agassi and Gary Goldstein, is in itself a meeting point: a joint exhibition, which is neither a summary of cooperation nor necessarily its beginning. This is an event that convenes the closeness of a single space for two separate utterances, two idiosyncratic monologues that neither complement nor contrast each other, but rather flow and curve of and from themselves. In presenting these two monologues side by side, the exhibition seeks to characterize them as separate but intersecting processes. The monologues are both biographically anchored, yet the biographies (especially the earlier chapters, during which the affecting molds of each artist were imprinted) are wholly different: Agassi was born (1949) and raised on Kibbutz Merhavia; Goldstein was born (1950) in Nashville, Tennessee, and raised in Hartford,