Media pioneer Zbigniew Rybczynski and Gábor Bódy in an exhibition at the ZKM Media Museum


KARLSRUHE.- Zbigniew Rybczyński and Gábor Bódy have never met, and yet they are connected by a pioneering development: from the early 1970s both welcomed the challenge that the new media technologies represented for art – initially as experimental film-makers, at the time with reference to the video. The exhibition “The State of Image. The Media Pioniers Zbigniew Rybczyński and Gábor Bódy” were the first to carry out a new evaluation or artistic and technical innovations for image research from the 1960s to the 1980s based on the model of two outstanding inventors, film-makers and media artists. “Last century we became accustomed to the idea that the first technoavant-garde in the arts originated in West Europe and North America. This idea is false. Almost all foundations for the development of electronic image and sound worlds were discovered and invented in the East.” (Siegfried Zielinski) With