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McCaffrey Fine Art shows First Ever Solo Exhibition of Kazuo Shiraga in the U.S.

Kazuo Shiraga - "Soryu no Mai", (Dance of the Two-Headed Dragon), 1994 - Oil on canvas, 76 3/8 x 102 inches (193.9 x 259 cm). Photo: Courtesy McCaffrey Fine Art, New York

NEW YORK, NY.- McCaffrey Fine Art is showing at their
new gallery at 23 East 67th Street the first ever solo exhibition of Kazuo
Shiraga in the United States.
He succeeded in creating paintings
of great innovation with his unique style that involved sliding, spinning,
and swirling his feet in mounds of oil paint on large sheets of paper laid
on the floor. By the time of his 1957 “performance painting” on stage,
Sanbaso–-Super Modern, Shiraga was amongst the most avant-garde artists
working anywhere and his work was drawing international attention. 
Kazuo Shiraga: Six Decades which continues through January 23,