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MCA Announces Rafael Lozano Hemmer Exhibition – Summer Sydney International Art Series

SYDNEY.- The Museum of Contemporary Art is delighted to present Australia’s first solo exhibition by one of the world’s best-known electronic artists. Mexican-Canadian artist Rafael Lozano- Hemmer has attracted global attention for his highly interactive and complex digital artworks. Rafael Lozano-Hemmer: Recorders features 13 recent pieces by the artist, including two new works. Public engagement is critical to the work – visitors play the role of performer, leaving traces of themselves, whether it is objects from their pockets, questions they have typed, the pace of their heartbeat, their voice or their image. Trained in physical chemistry, the artist uses robotics, projections, sound, internet and cellphone links, sensors and other devices to create critical and poetic platforms for public interaction. In the process, the viewers become the viewed. Rafael Lozano-Hemmer explains: ‘In Recorders, artworks hear, se