Maya Funerary Offering Found by Archaeologists in Cenote Near Chichen Itza


MEXICO CITY.- Underwater archaeologists discovered in a cenote near The Castle pyramid at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, a Prehispanic funerary offering deposited in the flooded cave to ask for rain in 9th and 10th centuries, during 2 different drought periods. The offering contains human bones of at least 6 individuals, probably sacrificed during a pair of intense dry season periods, one nearly 1200 years ago and the other, 900, as well as ceramic vessels; jade and shell beads; flint and double leaf knives, shell round artifacts that might have been Tlaloc goggles, animal bones and a great amount of charcoal probably used during the ritual. The finding was made 26 meters deep down the cenote, 5 of them underwater, where a natural platform leads to a flooded cave, accessed diving horizontally during 25 meters. The position of the human bones reveals they were carefully placed there. Where the cenote ends, at a 50 meters depth, bone remains of at least 20 humans and more than a hundred