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Massive Artwork Stolen from Witte de With Facade in Rotterdam

AES+F - "The Feast of Trimalchio", 2009. Details (shown as print), Witte de With's facade/ - Courtesy of AES+F and Triumph Gallery, Moscow.

ROTTERDAM, NL – Staff at Witte de With, Center for
Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, are baffled by the mystery that unfolded yesterday,
when an artwork measuring 30 x 11 meters disappeared from its façade.

Yesterday, as the first artwork, “The Feast of Trimalchio” by Russian
artist group AES+F was being removed from the building, the massive artwork was
stolen from the pavement.
Workmen were busy installing the second
artwork, an image of the late Michael Jackson signed by German artist Isa
Genzken, when the work mysteriously disappeared.