Mass Sketchers Turn the World to Art in a Day


By Rebekah Curtis
LONDON (REUTERS).- People and their pencils from New Zealand to New York are hitting the streets four times a year with a common aim: Turn the world into art for one day. The 30th global “SketchCrawl,” a worldwide, day-long drawing binge that takes place four times a year produced a gallery of images posted on website this month. The images depict life across the world through a day of art. From penciled snowscapes of Iceland to watercolor palm trees in Hawaii and sketches of people chatting over drinks in a Norwegian café to a bustling coffee shop in South Africa. “It’s so satisfying seeing other corners of the earth, corners we might never see, observed and captured by a fellow artist’s pencil,” website founder Enrico Casarosa told Reuters. The story artist, who works on animation and comics in San Francisco, conceived the idea of sketch “marathons” after going on a pub crawl for a fri