Mary Moorman, JFK Assassination Photographer, Tells Where She Stood and What She Saw


NEW YORK, NY (BUSINESS WIRE).- If you were alive on Nov. 22, 1963, you remember, or have been told, where you were when President John F. Kennedy was killed. Perhaps no one remembers better than Mary Moorman, who was just 15 feet from JFK’s motorcade when gunshots rang out. Ms. Moorman, then 31 years old, stood poised with her Polaroid camera as the presidential limousine passed by and captured the most famous image of that most infamous day: the president being shot. Where exactly Ms. Moorman stood is a key piece of information that has been debated for nearly five decades. The answer has ramifications for a number of theories, including one that opines there are frames missing from the film shot by Abraham Zapruder. In contrast to her friend, Jean Hill, who leveraged her presence at the assassination into a career as a