Marilyn Manson and David Lynch Open Exhibition at Kunsthalle in Vienna


US musician and artist Marilyn Manson poses in front of his artwork, entitled "Elizabeth Short as Snow White, You're sure you will be comfortable?" (2006), during a press preview of the Marilyn Manson/David Lynch exhibition 'Genealogies Of Pain' at the Kunsthalle wien project space in Vienna, Austria.

VIENNA.- It was in the nineties when Marilyn Manson
(born in 1969) became well known as a shock rocker combining
hammering industrial sounds with thick theater make-up and
texts about serial killers and Satanism to a garish spectacle. His
personality, which incited the hatred of parent associations and
representatives of the religious right, was soon pushing beyond
boundaries of pop music. Marilyn Manson, whose real name is Brian
played numerous minor parts in feature films like David Lynch’s
Highway” and became the unofficial mascot of the MTV serial
Deathmatch.” The exhibtion opens to the public from 30 June to 25
July at
The Kunsthalle Wien project space in Vienna, Austria.