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Mariana Cook Examines One of Man’s Earliest and Most Enduring Methods of Defining Territories

NEW YORK, N.Y.- A new photography book Stone Walls: Personal Boundaries (Damiani, $50, 192 pages, ISBN 978-88-6208-169-6) by artist Mariana Cook examines in stunning detail one of man’s earliest and most enduring methods of defining territories – the stone wall. Sculptural and practical, majestic and humble, the dry stone walls showcased in the book capture a fundamental relationship between human beings and the landscape. The book will be published October 1, 2011. Stone Walls: Personal Boundaries was conceived by Mariana Cook, the last protégé of Ansel Adams, at her home on Martha’s Vineyard on the day before Thanksgiving in 2002. After 56 cows strayed through a crumbling section of the stone wall she shares with her neighbor, Cook studied the tumbled wall and was struck by its beauty. With that inspiration, Cook spent eight years traveling to farms, towns, and temples in Peru, Great Britain, Ireland, the Mediterranean, New England, and Kentucky in pursuit of d