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Margherita Manzelli New Work at Collezione Maramotti

Margherita Manzelli - 'Luminale', 2010 - Oil on linen, 195 x 300 cm. - © Margherita Manzelli. Courtesy Margherita Manzelli/greengrassi. Photo: Carlo Vannini

REGGIO EMILIA, ITALY – Collezione Maramotti
presents “DUE”, an exhibition of new work by Margherita Manzelli. The exhibition
includes two paintings of equal size on which the artist worked concurrently and
which were created specifically for this project.
One of the two
paintings is dark, the other light, and they are installed symmetrically in the
space in order that the tonal contrast will enhance the relationship between the
works. Margherita Manzelli does not work from life or from photographs; she
paints once a specific image has taken shape in her mind, allowing the invisible
to become manifest. On view through 2 May, 2010.