Marcel van Eeden, Winner of the 2011 Daniel & Florence Guerlain Contemporary Art Foundation Prize


PARIS.- The Daniel & Florence Guerlain Contemporary Art Foundation‘s Drawing Prize has been awarded in Paris on the 31st of March, 2011 to Marcel van Eeden, a Dutch artist born in 1965 in The Hague. He lives and works in The Hague, Zurich and Berlin. The members of the 2011 Drawing Prize jury were Pierre Bourgie (Canada), Michel Delfosse (Belgium), Morris Orden (USA), Ulrich Reininghaus (Germany), Hervé Aaron (France), Jean-Jacques de Flers (France), Bernard Herbo (France) and Daniel and Florence Guerlain. This prize is reserved for both French and foreign artists, whether they live in France or not, but who sustain a privileged cultural link with France (through exhibitions, studies…) and for whom drawing constitutes a significant part of their work, whatever their main mode of expression (painting, sculpture, photography, etc.). Awarded for the first time in 2007 and biennial until 2009, the Prize