Maloney Fine Art Presents Sculpture and Paintings by George Stoll


LOS ANGELES, CA.- Maloney Fine Art presents an exhibition of sculpture and paintings by George Stoll (January 8 – February 12). George Stoll is interested in the subject that is hiding in plain sight and what happens when representation becomes abstracted. In this work he investigates the poetics of American consumer culture and Catholic iconography, and by so doing creates beautiful sculptures that have the immediacy of Pop Art, the spare elegance of Minimalism, the appearance of a monochrome, and the telling ability to transcend their domestic function. George fabricates by hand that which is found in everyday life: toilet paper, party streamers, sponges, American flags, Thanksgiving platters, Christmas Lights and most notably, Tupperware. In this exhibition at Maloney Fine Art, George will present his classic Tupperware configurations in elliptical forms, shelf sculptures and sponge paintings made of burned balsa wo