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Major Exhibition of 1940s and ’50s’ Street Photography Opens in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE, WI.- A unique and pivotal moment in American history will be explored in “Street Seen: The Psychological Gesture in American Photography 1940-1959”, on view at the Milwaukee Art Museum January 30 through April 25, 2010. The exhibition, which showcases urban street photography from the 1940s and ‘50s, provides new insight into a time when the photographic medium and American society were both at a cultural crossroads. “The essence of the images captured in Street Seen suggest some compelling parallels to today’s society, in terms of how we struggle to carve out our place in an increasingly anonymous world,” says Lisa Hostetler, Curator of Photographs, Milwaukee Art Museum. “The photographs have a universal quality that transcends time and place to tell a human story. Many of the images capture