Lyons Wier Gallery Presents Mary Henderson’s Newest Group of Hyper-Real Paintings


NEW YORK, NY.- Lyons Wier Gallery presents Bathers by Mary Henderson. Bathers, is Henderson’s newest group of hyper-real sociological oil paintings derived from found web images, focusing on a particular cultural experience – in this case, the ‘summer retreat’. Her paintings are based on vacation photos and snapshots of Americans engaged in the long-standing, class-specific summer ritual of departing the city and suburbs for shore and lake houses during the summer season. The images explore the contradictory nature of these escapes – both their sensory pleasures and their accompanying feelings of isolation, dislocation and wistfulness. Henderson’s bathers are based primarily on images that have been posted on photo-sharing websites. The artist composites, re-crops and refocuses them, using the altered digital image as the paintings’ modulo (using personal supplementary life references as necessary). The artist