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Luhring Augustine show New Work by Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

Cardiff & Miller - "The Carnie", 2010 - Moving carousel with synchronized audio and light, 10 feet diameter, 15 feet high. - Photo: Luhring Augustine.

NEW YORK, NY.- Luhring Augustine presents an
exhibition of new work by the collaborative team Janet Cardiff and
George Bures
Miller. This marks Cardiff and Miller’s third solo exhibition at the
Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller are internationally recognized for
immersive multimedia works. Incorporating dramatic audio tracks into
visually striking installations, the artists create engaging and
multisensory experiences which draw the viewer into ambiguous and
Their works address grand themes such as time,
dreams, and mystery. Providing only fragments of information, the
completion of
the storylines, images and thoughts are left to be formed in the minds
of the
individual viewers.