Luba Caryatid Stool Achieves Record for a Work of African Art at Sotheby’s: $7.1 Million


PARIS.- A packed saleroom at the Galerie Charpentier for the sale of African & Oceanic Art witnessed fierce competition between collectors (mainly from Europe or America) present at the auction or bidding by telephone. The sale ultimately brought nearly €12m, one of the highest ever totals in the field. ‘What joy for this century to have brought to light the splendours of Ancient African sculpture, whose reign has only just begun’ wrote Paul Guillaume in 1920, in the third issue of Action: Cahier de Philosophie et d’Art. Guillaume was one of the first to anticipate the tremendous upsurge in interest for the arts of Africa and Oceania in the 20th century, and the recognition their masterpieces would enjoy today, now considered as among the world’s greatest historic art treasures. The sale’s top price will remain in the annals of the history of the African Art market