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Loved, hated, and much-delayed China TV tower by architect Ole Scheeren to open next year

BEIJING (REUTERS).- The much-delayed but striking steel, concrete and glass headquarters for Chinese state television is expected finally to fully open in the new year, said Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, whose firm designed the building, on Thursday. The skyscraper, described by its chief architect Ole Scheeren as a “loop folded in space,” is two towers sloped together and joined by a gravity-defying canopy equivalent to 80 stories in height. Dominating the skyline of Beijing’s central business district, the building was among several projects the city undertook to reinvent itself for the 2008 Olympics, along with Norman Foster’s $3.6 billion new airport terminal and French architect Paul Andreu’s egg-shaped National Grand Theater. But the Olympics came and went and the state television building failed to open. Instead