Louisiana Museum Announces ‘My Home My House Stilhouse’ an Exhibition by Arne Quinze


DENMARK.- My Home My House My Stilthouse can be seen in a multifunctional manner as the viewer can discover many different settings in the subject and its surroundings. It consists out of clear lines but at the same time these lines are an abstract entity. In leaving a certain roughness and openness in the work Arne Quinze gives the viewer the opportunity to discover how people conduct their lives, live around each other and order society. The exhibition is on view June 1 through October 2, 2011 at the Louisiana Museum. My Home My House My Stilthouse is based on the idea everyone is setting their borders to protect themselves and look for shelter. The big question is: What is my house, what is my home? In every new phase in life the search for protection and shelter is certainly a continuum. From th