Lost Ambroise Vollard Art Collection Sells for 3.5 Million Pounds at Sotheby’s in Paris


PARIS (AP).- The stash was hidden away in a Paris bank vault at the start of World War II and forgotten for decades. On Tuesday, the long-lost treasure trove of Renoirs, Cezannes, Degas, Gauguins and Picassos brought in €3.5 million ($4.3 million) at auction in Paris. Sotheby’s offering of 139 works amassed by visionary Paris art dealer Ambroise Vollard, who turned unknown artists into stars, was a sale art lovers had awaited for years, partly because of the collection’s history and mystique. An Edgar Degas brothel scene — a monotype of prostitutes popping Champagne and wearing little besides their stockings — sold for €516,750. A Pablo Picasso print of an emaciated couple drinking wine and eating bread brought the highest price of the night, €720,750. Many of the works sold are prints and drawings. They are in pristine condition, kept safe from light and damage in the bank vault, said Andrew Strauss, v